Mascara Melt Off Waterproof Mascara Remover Review: Is It Worth $17?

I put makeup and skin care items to the test for a week or more to see if they are worth the cost. So is Too Faced’s Mascara Melt Off Waterproof Mascara Remover worth the $17?

Claims: Too Faced claims that the Mascara Melt Off  will “Remove every trace of both waterproof and regular mascara with the most effective, gentlest remover EVER. The precision wand coats lashes base-to-tip with our conditioning, oil-based formula – gently dissolving even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. No more rubbing, tugging, or raccoon eyes!”

My thoughts: The product does remove mascara much more easily than just a normal cleanser, since I’ve been using the oil cleaning method I typically only use this when I just have eye makeup I want to remove with Micellar water. This added step removes all the tugging on my eyelashes to get the makeup off and I don’t wake up with raccoon eyes caused by mascara I didn’t get off. While it does get the makeup off, my eyelashes don’t seem stronger or thicker than when I used regular cleansers.

Is it worth $17:

YES: If you only wear mascara, or have very few lashes that fall out easily, I would recommend this because it gets the makeup off more quickly and with less tugging. This would also be great if you have very sensitive eyes because it gets all the mascara off without the possibility of getting cleansers or mascara in your eyes.

NO: If you wear a full face of makeup and have a good face wash or cleanser that gets mascara off, don’t waste your money. This product won’t last you that long and you could put that money towards other makeup products. It’s defiantly a cool idea but for the price, it’s not a needed step to add in my opinion.

MAYBE: If you a die heart Too Faced follower and want to try all their products, would this be worth it? Well, maybe. I would say no but it is something new and different, and I’m always on the hunt of innovative items in the beauty world.

I personally will not be repurchasing this product. While it did the job and is something new and quite cool in my opinion, it’s just not worth $17.

Have you tried the Mascara Melt Off Waterproof Mascara Remover? If so, let me know if you think it’s worth the bucks! Hope you found this review helpful.





Oil Cleansing Method

Hey y’all! Today I’m doing a post on my skin care regime. Instead of cleaning my face with a bunch of products, I try to keep it more natural using the oil cleansing method. The OCM is a way to remove any dirt or makeup using two oils, one astringent and one moisturizing. So instead of having a makeup remover, face wash, and moisturizer you only use two oils.Read More »

Perfect Palette Tag

Hey guys! So I hit a minor dry spot in ideas for the blog so I decided to do a tag since I enjoy  looking at them myself! I watched a lot of you-tubers do the perfect palette tag about a year ago and I always thought it was cool to see what people liked so I’m adding mine to the mix.

Best Packaging- The Kat Von D shade and light eye contour palette is defiantly the coolest packaging. Kat nailed it, as usual.

Best Color Payoff- AHHHH this is hard. Juvia’s Place Masquerade palate has intense color payoff in both mattes and metallic so I think they win color payoff.

Most Versatile- Yet again, Kat Von D shade and light palette is all matte and has every shade you need for highlight, crease, and lid. Another bonus is that they have warm, cool, and neutral shadows making the palette really versatile and easy to pair with looks.

Best for Traveling- Is there a good travel palette? Whenever I bring my palette’s with me a shadow breaks or comes out! Let me know if you have a sturdy palette for traveling in the comments.

Biggest Regret- None. I never regret makeup. (Lol, yes I do just no eyeshadow palettes)

Best Color Names- Juvia’s Place Masquerade is inspired by African Festivities, so all the colors are African words for different aspects of these events. I thought this was really cool  and different since I never think eyeshadow names have much meaning behind them.

Least Used- My Morphe 35T is defiantly my least used sadly. I love it but the colors are all pretty dark which makes it a little difficult to work with. They have some really nice golds and light matte browns which the most but I struggle to do everyday looks with most of the colors.

Most Used- Since several of my palettes are really new, I will have to say Urban Decay Naked 3 just because it was my first palette that I saved my money up for and purchased. I really do love this palette.

Most Loved: Yup, still the Urban Decay Naked 3. I wouldnt be surprised if Kat Von D comes up and ties.

Desert Island: If I’m stranded on a desert island, I think that I would want something I can make countless looks with while Im bored to death. The Kat Von D palette I’ve been taking about in the others is for sure the most versatile and can create the most looks by itself.

Hope you all like this tag and let me know what you think I should blog about next!


My Makeup Addiction… In GIFs


You freaking love it. 

It can make you feel so majestic. 

And trying ever lip color imaginable is basically a dream come true.

And the birthday gifts from Sephora and Ulta…

You commonly fail miserably at all the new trends (but of course you try them anyway ie. the clown contouring phase)

But you’re in it for the fun so who cares. 

Thanks for reading my blog! This post was mainly put together while I was sick so it’s not as long as I wanted it to be but that’s okay. I was playing around with GIPHY so I thought this would be a good “trial” post in a way. All GIFs are from GIPHY 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments and tell me what your favorite part about makeup is too!


Decluttering the Forever Growing Makeup Drawer

I am obsessed with makeup! While I’m fairly good about not making quick purchases and waiting to buy things, I found that my makeup collection was growing rather large and not exactly in the direction I was wanting too. Therefore, I thought decluttering my makeup collection was a good place to start my minimalism journey.

I make four different categories to put things in when I went through all my stuff. Keeping, possibly keeping, donating or giving away, and trash. All of my everyday essentials went into the keeping stack, and products that I really enjoy playing around with and use pretty frequently joined them. My possibly keeping stack is rather large, and is basically every eyeshadow and blush I like but haven’t used in over a month. I put them all in a box and am giving myself a month or two to play around with the products to figure out what I’ll keep and what I’ll give away. For my last two stacks, everything I haven’t used in several months went into. I only trashed my old mascara because it was basically empty. All the rest of the products where eyeshadows and eyeliners that I’m giving to a friend because I don’t need 7 gold eyeshadows and I never wear eyeliner.

I realized when cleaning everything out that there are so many products I have but don’t use and that I should wait a little longer before buying a product. Another thing I realized is how many products are things that I would use up if I only had one and so I’m making it my mission to use up my concealers before I buy a new one and use the powder sample I have before I buy a face powder. I’m pretty happy that I cleaned out my stuff, and I think I’m going to make a point to do so more often.