Inspring Humans: Josephine Bakhita

When I think of people who inspire me, I’m usually drawn to those who promote peace, love, and things like the environment. I turn to websites like TED to find new inspiration, and only recently have I realized that sometimes the most inspiring people are those who show it through the small things in life.Today is the feast day of Josephine Bakhita, and since I think she is such an amazing person and a great role model she’s my inspiring human this week. She is an example of amazing forgiveness because she gave her years of terrible slavery up to God and never looked for revenge, always trying to help others and bring an end to slavery for all.Read More »


Psalms 2

It came to my attention that I get very tied up in bad habits-judging people, gossiping, and just not being grateful for what I have. Faith is something that is important to me, but how often do I actually take this to heart? I want to dedicate time each week to reading the Bible and reflecting on it, starting with Psalms. While my reflections are rather shallow in comparison to great scholars, it is my goal to improve my understanding of the Bible and also strengthen my faith. 

Psalm 2:Read More »

Psalms 1

Hey guys! So I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want to do with it and I realized that one aspect of my life that I have not included is my faith. Religion plays an important role in my life and recently I have really wanted to go deeper into my faith and I think one way I can do this is reflecting weekly on parts of the Bible. I don’t always take the time everyday to pray and reflect on scripture, but I’m going to change that.  Read More »