The Girl Who Loved Brussels Sprouts

When I was younger, my favorite vegetable in the world was brussels sprouts. I don’t know why, but I never thought they where gross like everyone else my age at the time. For my birthday party I got to choose my favorite meal, and I chose Mac&Cheese with brussels sprouts. I never would have imagined that other people wouldn’t like brussels sprouts, and not only did people not like them, they thought it was a joke or just didn’t eat them. Apparently my love for brussels sprouts at the time made me different, and sometimes I’ve embraced this and sometimes I’ve run away. But in the end I realized that I was just a girl who liked brussels sprouts, and that did not define who I was and did not make me different from the rest.


Disconnecting From An Overly Connected World

Is their such a thing as being too connected? Today, almost the entire world is connected through social media, news, the internet, the list goes on and on. An event that occurs on the one side of the world can be reported to everyone on the opposite side within minutes. We can keep in touch with our friends out of state and in other country’s with Instagram or Facebook, and we sometimes feel like we know everything about everyone.

This past week I visited a National Park for spring break, and while I’m not claiming my life was changed, not having service for most of the week was very revealing. When ever I had a few minutes of service or connection, my first instinct was to talk to my mom and sister. I had no interest in checking Instagram or any other social media. I didn’t feel disconnected at all, rather I felt more connected to my friends since you couldn’t text, you had to talk in person. For the first time in a long time I felt connected, but I found this ironic since I had disconnected. You can all be sure that this upcoming week I will be posting a Coffee Chat on this topic, because I really want to see other peoples thoughts. While this (and all my posts) are rather short, I would like to end this with a new perspective or idea.

Are we so connected to everyone that we have begun to disconnect with those around us? I kinda think we think we have.


Coffee Chats: Animal Testing

Okay okay, so I know this is a subject that people find very controversial and can be very upset by, but I wanted to see what people thought and hear both sides of the argument. When, if ever, is animal testing okay? 

I hear a lot about “cruelty free” cosmetics that are not tested on animals, so I looked to see just how many animals where used for testing and the numbers where huge. Not only cosmetics are tested, but medicine as well and I saw many differing opinions. Some people thought all testing on animals was straight up wrong, while others said testing for medicine for humans was okay while cosmetics and skincare wasn’t. What do you think? I personally am not so pleased that so many animals are being treated so terribly for me to be able to use makeup and medicine, but I did understand why some people thought testing fro medical purposes was okay.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


30 Days of Cornell Notes

Doing well in school is important, obviously. But how to do well in school is sometimes a little bit harder. I hear over and over again that notes are very important and that copying down the entire presentation is setting yourself up for failure, so for 30 days I tried taking Cornell notes to see if I could find a better way to take notes.

Cornell notes is a method of note taking developed by Walter Pauk. You basically divide your paper into 3 chunks. The biggest “chunk’ is on the right side where you write your main notes. Then on the left side you write questions and key points from the notes after class and in the bottom chunk you summarize the whole page of notes and what you learned in 2-3 sentences.

For me, Cornell notes didnt really seem to work. I found that I just had to much information, and taking out key points and summarizing was really difficult. I did think going back and looking at my notes helped me a little bit but I was surprised that this wasn’t as effective for me, since I have only heard good things but I’m glad I tired it.

I’m not sure what notes I will try next, let me know what you did as a student! Thanks for reading!


Project Minimalism: A Second Attempt

Okay, so a while back I said to myself that I was going to become a minimalist and seriously declutter my mind and materialistic goods. I didn’t get far though and found that purging certain elements (like makeup) where much more difficult for me than I had imagined and surprise!- I gave up (well kinda). But with my last coffee chat on becoming the person you want to be and some class discussions on life being short, I decided that I want to try again. Help me!!

To all those who practice minimalism, or incorporate elements of it into your life, please tell me what you do and how you started! I know its not just getting rid of physical possessions, but I know that it is important to get rid of the clutter. How do you declutter things you enjoy and how do you get to a more minimalistic state of mind?

Thank you so much for all advice!