Disconnecting From An Overly Connected World

Is their such a thing as being too connected? Today, almost the entire world is connected through social media, news, the internet, the list goes on and on. An event that occurs on the one side of the world can be reported to everyone on the opposite side within minutes. We can keep in touch with our friends out of state and in other country’s with Instagram or Facebook, and we sometimes feel like we know everything about everyone.

This past week I visited a National Park for spring break, and while I’m not claiming my life was changed, not having service for most of the week was very revealing. When ever I had a few minutes of service or connection, my first instinct was to talk to my mom and sister. I had no interest in checking Instagram or any other social media. I didn’t feel disconnected at all, rather I felt more connected to my friends since you couldn’t text, you had to talk in person. For the first time in a long time I felt connected, but I found this ironic since I had disconnected. You can all be sure that this upcoming week I will be posting a Coffee Chat on this topic, because I really want to see other peoples thoughts. While this (and all my posts) are rather short, I would like to end this with a new perspective or idea.

Are we so connected to everyone that we have begun to disconnect with those around us? I kinda think we think we have.



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