Decluttering the Forever Growing Makeup Drawer

I am obsessed with makeup! While I’m fairly good about not making quick purchases and waiting to buy things, I found that my makeup collection was growing rather large and not exactly in the direction I was wanting too. Therefore, I thought decluttering my makeup collection was a good place to start my minimalism journey.

I make four different categories to put things in when I went through all my stuff. Keeping, possibly keeping, donating or giving away, and trash. All of my everyday essentials went into the keeping stack, and products that I really enjoy playing around with and use pretty frequently joined them. My possibly keeping stack is rather large, and is basically every eyeshadow and blush I like but haven’t used in over a month. I put them all in a box and am giving myself a month or two to play around with the products to figure out what I’ll keep and what I’ll give away. For my last two stacks, everything I haven’t used in several months went into. I only trashed my old mascara because it was basically empty. All the rest of the products where eyeshadows and eyeliners that I’m giving to a friend because I don’t need 7 gold eyeshadows and I never wear eyeliner.

I realized when cleaning everything out that there are so many products I have but don’t use and that I should wait a little longer before buying a product. Another thing I realized is how many products are things that I would use up if I only had one and so I’m making it my mission to use up my concealers before I buy a new one and use the powder sample I have before I buy a face powder. I’m pretty happy that I cleaned out my stuff, and I think I’m going to make a point to do so more often.

2 thoughts on “Decluttering the Forever Growing Makeup Drawer

  1. I love your enthusiasm and you plan for everything as I read this I looked around my room and realized that I too have too much stuff but I don’t know what to do because all of this stuff has meaning to me. Do you know how to get rid or at least make space in a room filled with sentimental junk? I hope to hear more from you and to see “through your eyes” more often ;). Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful third Week of Advent.


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