30 Days of Cornell Notes

Doing well in school is important, obviously. But how to do well in school is sometimes a little bit harder. I hear over and over again that notes are very important and that copying down the entire presentation is setting yourself up for failure, so for 30 days I tried taking Cornell notes to see if I could find a better way to take notes.

Cornell notes is a method of note taking developed by Walter Pauk. You basically divide your paper into 3 chunks. The biggest “chunk’ is on the right side where you write your main notes. Then on the left side you write questions and key points from the notes after class and in the bottom chunk you summarize the whole page of notes and what you learned in 2-3 sentences.

For me, Cornell notes didnt really seem to work. I found that I just had to much information, and taking out key points and summarizing was really difficult. I did think going back and looking at my notes helped me a little bit but I was surprised that this wasn’t as effective for me, since I have only heard good things but I’m glad I tired it.

I’m not sure what notes I will try next, let me know what you did as a student! Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “30 Days of Cornell Notes

  1. Note taking.. Write what ever is on the board. Or highlight important parts in the book. Read back over them from time to time. I.e. lunch break, library time, interactive study in class with instructor and peers (the most beneficial for me), after work right before an exam. Studying is BORING to me. I barley studied in high school.


  2. When I was in school I found it very difficult to take notes while class was going on. They moved faster than I could write lmao. I think the best thing when using that note taking method would have been to have the key points chunk done during class adding some extra notes during breaks in whatever the teacher is saying and then later on going back to summarize when you weren’t in class. I would think that’s it’s too difficult to try and do all of that at once while trying to absorb whatever they’re teaching. It becomes a battle between getting everything down and actually learning things.
    In college most of the time (at least for me) the powerpoints were given to me and that way I could not only follow along, but also refer back to it when adding to my notes. So I didn’t have too much of a problem with getting down key points. It’s best to listen first and then try to make the notes because honestly if you listen well by the end of the lecture you should be able to pull the key points out.


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