Through Your Eyes (Interview with Wander Girl)

I am so excited to start a new interview series on Through My Eyes. The point of the series is to see things through other blogger’s eyes and get a new perspective on life. Sarah from Wander Girl and Exuberant Bookworm allowed me to interview her and I’m so excited to share what she said with me!

Mags:Why did you start blogging?

Sarah: I started blogging mostly because I was spending too much time doing nothing. After I graduated college last June I realized how little I’d done with my life goal wise.  Blogging has always interested me and was on my bucket list/goals list so I decided to try it out.  I’m not sure how I became enamored by the idea of blogging, but it was just something that I really wanted to do.

M: What’re a few things on your bucket list you hope to complete through blogging?

S: Well running a successful blog was on my bucket list, and with my new book blog I hope to be able to interview authors, but the one that I hope to achieve most through blogging is helping people and having a voice that actually has an impact on people. I want to be someone that people can come to as a friend as a role model.  There are so many people with influential voices that just don’t care.  All the impressionable youth need better role models and it’s on my bucket list to be one of them.

M: You recently started a second blog that focuses on books and writing, has writing and reading always been something you enjoyed?

S: For me I feel the same way some people feel about dancing, or singing about reading and writing.  My biggest love and passion has always been those two.  I’ve dabbled in a lot of things in my short life and the only thing I’ve always had constantly were books and my love of writing stories.  Reading opened portals to new previously unimaginable worlds and from a young age I wanted to contribute to that. I wanted to write about worlds that people hadn’t even thought to dream of.

M: Do you hope to continue blogging for a while?

S: I hope to blog for the rest of my life actually!  It’s a great outlet and I really enjoy it.

M:If you could go back in time to when you first started your blog, what would you tell yourself?

S:Schedule, schedule, schedule.  It’s easy to lose steam when you blow all your ideas in all at once.  If I had managed some consistency I probably wouldn’t have declined to my first slump quickly.  That and to not force myself to write posts. I’ve definitely spent a lot of time frustrated with myself trying to write a post that just wasn’t working out.  It came when I was desperate for ideas and when I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. I felt pressured to post something and so I started to churn out random posts that didn’t feel quite right. That was also during my slump. Slumps aren’t fun.

M: How do you get out of your slumps?

S: I am no stranger to slumps.  I’ve never publicly spoken of it, but I was previously diagnosed with depression and seasonal affective disorder and so slumps are common in my everyday life.  It’s better now, but I still have my days. Usually to get myself out of the slumps I take a mental health day.  I do all the things that make me happy. I dance in my room to my favorite hype songs, I pamper myself, I drink my favorite beverage and I actually also clean.  Cleaning up my environment really helps me with relieving my stress. That’s probably the most therapeutic for me.  It makes me feel productive, like I’m really getting things done.  I make a list of small easily completed tasks like: putting my laundry in the laundry room, washing the dishes, folding my clothes, making my bed and crossing those things off the list helps me get started on being productive again. Once I’ve tackled the small tasks I feel like I’m on a roll of getting things done and I can then get started on other stuff that is more significant.

Thank you so much Sarah for allowing me to interview you! Your openness was really inspiring to me. I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did and let me know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to check Sarah’s blog out, it’s really quite amazing!