About Me

Hey! I’m Mags and welcome to my blog!

Why am I blogging? 

My mom always tells me that the future starts today, not tomorrow, so I thought writing about how I do this would make me more accountable and would allow me to have a fun place to connect with the world.

Whats my blog about?

Short answer, my life.I really enjoy makeup and am starting to get into fashion.  At the same time I’ve been really inspired by a lot of minimalists and want to combine all of this together. I’m not sure at the moment where this blog is heading, mostly because I’m still trying to find myself and develop my own style and forms of expression.

Through My Eyes is a small “project” for me to show life through my eyes but also to increase my experiences and find myself. I’m very grateful that you read my entire about me page and would be so excited if you followed me!