Coffee Chat: Should the SAT and ACT be so Influential for College?

Hey y’all! So yesterday I asked people what they thought about having a discussion post where I tell my opinion on something and then see what others think about it! I thought I would do a sort of trial run today since a few people said that it sounded interesting to them! As I’ve finished all my applications for college and was reflecting on the process, I thought it would be interesting to see what everyones thoughts on the SAT and ACT are wether or not you think they should be so influential in getting into schools?

In my opinion, they aren’t good at showing the big picture. Some people prep for weeks and weeks, only to get a average score while others don’t even prep and ace them. Obviously, the opposite also happens but the I think that this causes people who are bad test takers to really struggle sometimes to get into schools that they otherwise could get into. I understand that just getting rid of them would hurt those who are good testers or good at preparing or timed exams, but I think making these tests optional or only a fraction of the big picture might help relieve stress for a lot of high schoolers and allow for people to get into schools that reflect there work effort and not the score they received from a test.

I’ve heard different opinions on this and would love to hear what you think! Let me know in the comments so we can get a discussion going! (Also link your blog, I love reading blogs!)


5 thoughts on “Coffee Chat: Should the SAT and ACT be so Influential for College?

  1. I honestly wish it wasn’t so influential. I’m taking my first one next year and we already started practicing. Most of the time, that’s all we take in English class. I miss literature!


  2. That’s quite a topical issues for your first discussion post!! I understand that exams aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and that in some subjects, it is so hard to begin to grade a piece of art or composition when in reality no one judges it. However, I feel like everyone’s attitude to exams is the big reason they seem so, well, big! Exams should test (and some do) your ethic and attitude to hard work – the more hardworking you are, the better grade you receive. I’ve seen this in many cases, where the sheer determination and hardwork allows the student to succeed, not their natural intelligence. It doesn’t make them any easy though to face. Good luck to everyone sitting an exam this year!!


    • I totally agree that attitude and determination play a large role! I think personally that there needs to be a middle ground for test takers! Its a complicated thing, and I don’t think there is any perfect answer. Thanks for commenting, I think you make a good point about working hard and having a good attitude going in!

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