Project Minimalism: A Second Attempt

Okay, so a while back I said to myself that I was going to become a minimalist and seriously declutter my mind and materialistic goods. I didn’t get far though and found that purging certain elements (like makeup) where much more difficult for me than I had imagined and surprise!- I gave up (well kinda). But with my last coffee chat on becoming the person you want to be and some class discussions on life being short, I decided that I want to try again. Help me!!

To all those who practice minimalism, or incorporate elements of it into your life, please tell me what you do and how you started! I know its not just getting rid of physical possessions, but I know that it is important to get rid of the clutter. How do you declutter things you enjoy and how do you get to a more minimalistic state of mind?

Thank you so much for all advice!


4 thoughts on “Project Minimalism: A Second Attempt

  1. Hey there Mags! First of all I suggest that you look into a movie called “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things”. It’s give you tons of inspiration and also a lot names of public minimalist that have guides and books available that will help you declutter. Second of all, I want you to know that I’m a little bit of a minimalist myself. I’m currently living on the road. I’d be happy to chit chat!


    • I will definitely look into this documentary! I’ve been doing some research and watching other blogs so I feel like I’m starting to get a lot of inspiration. Thank you so much!

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