Coffee Chat: Being the Person You Want to Be

So often I get wrapped up in ideas of what I want to be. I make unattainable goals for myself and then get disappointed when I don’t reach them. I thought this would be an interesting thing to talk about since I know I’m not the only person who wants to change themselves sometimes.

So heres my question, should we change ourselves to be the person we want to be or should we be happy the way we are, or should we take a middle route and fix what we think is fixable and learn to love things that aren’t? Let me know what you think!


19 thoughts on “Coffee Chat: Being the Person You Want to Be

  1. I think we should take the middle route, slowly start fixing what need to be fixed and accept what cannot be fixed and learn to live with it. But whatever we do change, it’s got to be things that’ll make us happy in the long run and benefit ourselves…not anyone else!

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  2. I’m with All That Jazz – the middle ground is the best. It’s only human to want to change or adapt ourselves – I can name individuals on a single hand that don’t change for crazes or try new things. Unattainable goals may seem maddening, but we all have them. But don’t go crazy for changing your personality. That is the hardest thing to manage!

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  3. If it makes us feel better and happier, it’s good to change, I think. But if it actually feels wrong and doesn’t work out well, the we should come back to who we are. Doesn’t mean, that it’s a bad thing to try it, as long as we listen to ourselves, chnaging and trzing to be someone a little different isn’t a bad thing!

    Love, elena


  4. I believe that there’s an extent to what we should change about ourselves if it leans too much towards becoming someone else (ex. closely modelling yourself after someone to imitate them), but at the same time I think that we’re always unconsciously changing and adjusting ourselves to be the person we want to and are meant to end up being. Does that make sense?
    Of course it’s great if you consciously want to change something about yourself like picking up new habits, or learning new things for the sake of learning, but I think a lot of the growth in terms of becoming the person you want to be happens subconsciously, as if it’s in our nature to subtly make those adjustments. I think being too aware of the changes you’re trying to make in yourself can in a way be negative to your overall person because often we end up engulfed in what we’re trying to change that we miss out on everything that we already are that we should love about ourselves.
    It could be quite the debate though. There are a lot of people who say do you, change what you want to change and be who you want to be, but there’s a glaring question that I always ask. Where do we draw the line to how we much we change ourselves based on who we want to be?


  5. Although sometimes hard work for us human beings, change is in my opinion, a necessity of life. Life never stops still and so the ability to keep up with change must be paramount if we are to “go with the flow” of things and not become ill or disatisified. Changing ourselves to be the person we want to be requires that we already know who we really are – a fact that in our fast-paced lives seems often to be ignored. If we managed to take the time to “discover our real self” then we wouldnt`t have to go searching for “that person” who we think we want to be – we would already know who we were after having taken the journey of self-discovery. All things will fall into place if following our instinct. The journey of self-discovery is a long mammoth task but one which inspires and is exciting. What can be more fascinating then discovering our true identity?
    Best regards from my two furry friends and myself from the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog and thank you for posting. 🙂


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