30 Days of “Trying” to be Healthy

Whenever I try to be “healthy” I end up doing quite the opposite of it. My 30 day challenge for this month was being more healthy, but looking back this was way to broad and not specific enough. My goal was to take my dog for a walk every day, but alas I probably only did so half of the month. Part of this was due to sickness, but overall I don’t feel that motivated to walk. Whenever I pay for a membership to exercise somewhere, I always go and I find that I sleep better and overall feel better. The problem is that I really can’t afford to pay $150 a month for workout classes, no matter how good they are. I’m kinda at this fork in the road, spend a lot of money and know I will actually work out or get my lazy butt out and walk or run at no cost.

I’m not sure if February’s monthly challenge is going to be health related, but I know I need to find some way to exercise and reduce the amount of sugar I eat. If anything, this month wasn’t a complete fail because it’s just made me realize that I do really need to make better choices.

If you have an opinion or advice on being active, comment down below! Also, let me know what my next 30 day challenge should be!


6 thoughts on “30 Days of “Trying” to be Healthy

  1. Maybe one of your friends would like to get active with you maybe not every day but every weekend y’all could walk or go to a park and play with your dog. It always helps to have someone with you to motivate yourself and have fun doing it.


  2. I’m a bit rubbish really as right now I should be at a Zumba class…which I pay monthly for! That said I have bad neck spasm so that’s my reason…this time! It’s too easy to stay home and can be difficult to be motivated. I want to get back to running (when I say running I mean slow and a minute or 2 at a time with some walking added in and repeat!) One of the best things I did was use YouTube ‘The Body Coach’ HIIT workouts…they’re only 15mins and you don’t need to go anywhere!! xx


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