Inspiring Humans: CoffeeBreakwithDani

When I think of people who inspire me, I’m usually drawn to those who promote peace, love, and things like the environment. I turn to websites like TED to find new inspiration, and only recently have I realized that sometimes the most inspiring people are those who show it through the small things in life. One of these individuals is a makeup you-tuber I have been following for quite some time, CoffeeBreakwithDani.

Dani is one of the happiest people I have seen on youtube, and her Instagram is loaded with positive quotes in between makeup reviews. Why is this so inspiring to me? Because in the materialistic world we live in, its easy to get so caught up in what we like and don’t like and I find that many people have turned makeup into something you must do to cover up and hide when that is so far away from what it is. If you watch Dani’s videos, you’ll see its never about the money or looking like the norm, its about feeling good and confident about the way you look with or without makeup. Watch her videos, and you’ll see this. And to top this off, she’s flat out honest about the ups and downs of life. She mixes this all together and thats why she inspires me so much. She has found a way to take something so simple and use it as a way to promote positivity.

In this series, I want to see inspiring humans because I want to learn how to become one. While some people will lead huge movements that will change the world, others will lead through example and right now thats what I’m aiming for.

Let me know what you think of Dani’s channel and in the comments tell me who inspires you!


5 thoughts on “Inspiring Humans: CoffeeBreakwithDani

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert! I love how she is so honest about her hardships before the release of Eat, Pray, Love. Will check out Dani’s channel soon too! Thanks for sharing on the inspiration 🙂


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