College Is Coming

Today I realized that college is only 6 months away.This is so crazy to me and I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I only have 1 more semester of high school. It’s not that I didn’t know when college began, it just becomes so much more real when you are going through all of the information sent through the schools you have been accepted too.

I whole heartedly ask any college students or graduates to give me advice, because the Lord knows how much I need it. Life is moving so quickly, and all I want to do is slow down. Obviously I can’t slow it down, but blogging helps make me appreciate things a little bit more.

I really don’t know why I reached to my blog about this, but I have found that reflecting or talking about things I do or want to do has really motivated me to crack my shell a little bit. College is gonna be hard, sad, and scary but also pretty awesome, so I’m going to let go of my stress and enjoy the last bit of high school because I still got until May.

This is the end of my mini stress out panic about college that occurred, thanks for sticking around. Let me know how you handled the transition to college or what you would recommend doing to make things a little less stressful. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “College Is Coming

  1. You hit it right on the head when you said it’ll be hard scary sad and awesome. I cried on average once a week but it was the greatest time of my life and I would trade my current life for it in a heartbeat.

    My best piece of advice was actually given to incoming freshmen by one of the admissions counselors when I was working an event during my sophomore year. Stay at school on Labor Day Weekend. You’ll be tempted to go home because you’ll miss your parents by that point, it’s a long weekend, and lots of people will be leaving the dorms, but if you stay, you’ll create such great bonds with the others who stayed. Then, you won’t be as homesick for the rest of the year. Just stick it out, and it’ll be incredibly helpful in the long run. Of course, this is useless info if you’re not going to school in the US or if you’re not living on campus. Otherwise, it’s gold, I promise.


  2. Those six months are going to fly by. You’ll miss it but college brings a whole new wave of opportunites. You may find that you like being independant. I loved it. But you must hold yourself accountable and manage your money well. Goodluck

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  3. Practice self care. I cannot stress that enough make sure you practice self care regularly because from experience burn out happens quickly, assignments are done half heartedly and if you’re planning to live on campus the skipping class to stay in bed deal is totally real. Also I would recommend regular exercise mostly for energy reasons, but I mean I started to stress eat and eat just because I could so I gained weight quickly and I spent way too much money on takeout. Finally try to make friends with people not just in your program. I made friends with people who weren’t in my program, branch out and network (<– that's going to be important once you graduate).

    The experience itself was amazing, liberating, and super fun overall. I know you'll do great!

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    • Thank you so much for the advice! I will put it all too heart, especially the exercise part. I haven’t exercised in so long but it always makes me feel so much better!


      • If you have any more questions feel free to ask I don’t know how different the experience will be because education systems are different in every country (Canadian here), but I am always down to help!
        Yes exercise even if it’s like going for a walk the fresh air and sunshine really helps especially when stressed out, which is pretty much guaranteed in College lol


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