Inspiring Humans: Shawn Achor

Another inspiring human I found on TED, Shawn Achor is a positive psychology researcher and speaker. In the world of psychology, something new is being discovered everyday. While I think it’s great that so much is being learned about the human mind and different metal disorders, it can sometimes feel overwhelmingly negative and unhopeful for the future. Achor, however, is a new light in this world. His collaboration with TED, which I will leave below, shines light on the fact that our current systems (education,medical,etc.) are formulated to produce average, nothing more or less.

Two of his suggestions to make small changes was exercising and writing 3 gratitudes daily, things I have started to put into my life when I can that have have made me start to be much more positive about my day. It is easy to get caught up in one bad thing and miss the five great things when we only look at the bad. Junior year I went through my entire list of problems every day with my mom, and looking back I realize I was only causing myself and my mom more stress and problems.

I strongly recommend watching Achor’s video below and looking into his other work, they are truly influential and have significantly impacted me and how I view life.


This is my second post in my Inspiring Humans series! Let me know what you think and comment down below any people who inspire you. My main goal is to promote positivity and new ways of thinking!


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