Silver Linings of 2016

I was reflecting on 2016 and I realized there where a few small things I started doing last year that where quite enjoyable. Here are a few of them.

I discovered the city I lived in. I love traveling and exploring new places, but I never really explore my city that much. It didn’t take that much digging to find lots of things to do here in Fort Worth and I know I’m really going to miss this town when I leave for college.

I cooked with my mom. My family always eats dinner together, but my mom is usually the one doing the cooking. This year I started helping out a little bit because I realized that in college I won’t have my mother to cook for me and found that I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. My mom also gets super excited when I go to the grocery store with her, even if it takes a bit longer because I force us to try every sample.

I went to museums. Oh my gosh, there are so many good museums in Fort Worth. The Modern, Kimble, Amon Carter, and so many more are pretty inexpensive for everything that you see and experience. I’ve been missing out on a lot of art these last few years!

I walked my dog more often. It’s such a simple thing that can be so nice when the weather is good. While it has been rather chilly lately, in the summer and in autumn I walked with my dog more often and I really enjoyed it.
I took breaks. This might sound dumb but Jesus knows I went crazy junior year. Over the summer and into senior year, I began to take slow steps in the direction of taking out needless stress and have felt a lot better since. Taking moments to recharge has helped me significantly and I hope in 2017 I can master this, or at least get into a habit of taking an hour off on the weekends to do something I enjoy or taking a 15 minute break to walk my dog.

What was a silver lining from 2016 for you?



2 thoughts on “Silver Linings of 2016

  1. I made it through my junior year it was difficult because I went from a one person high school to a thousand people high school. But I was determined to do good. And I did it was great and I’m having a blast with senior year.


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