I Gave Snapchat Up For 30 Days And Survived

Just two months ago I realized how much time I was spending every day on snapchat. Before school, during lunch, after school, during my homework, and just about every time I was on my phone. After spending about half of my Thanksgiving break on my phone, I decided that I needed to detox my brain from Snapchat for a while. What I expected to be extremely difficult and something that I was going to download back after 30 days of excruciating pain turned into a small slap in the face and a reality check.

I really only missed the app for the first few days I gave it up, and after that I barely even remembered that I didn’t have it. I also realized that streaks where causing me a pretty large bit of stress and having those put aside and gone was like a brick off my shoulder. I think it’s ridiculous that a social media app would cause me any amount of grief and when I realized that I had lifted an unnamed stress that I didn’t know I had, Snapchat was officially gone for me. I have no intentions of reinstalling it and I’m glad that I deleted it in the first place.

Its funny to think that in the beginning I thought being away from Snapchat would be hard and that I would miss out on a lot of things my friends where doing. I definitely recommend detoxing from social media if it’s causing you any stress, and chances are you won’t miss it all that much.

Would you ever consider deleting any of your social media apps? Let me know in the comments!



Image: https://dfwn148cvdexl.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/snapcode-300×300.png

5 thoughts on “I Gave Snapchat Up For 30 Days And Survived

  1. I’m getting some inspiration from you and I’ve deleted Snapchat and twitter because I don’t really use them anymore. And they just are pointless right now. I feel like I need to connect to people face to face not through social media. Hopefully I can be as strong as you are and not cave in. Wish me luck!

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  2. Twitter and then Snapchat would totally be the first things to go for me. I used to like Twitter but Instagram seems to have just taken it over, and I’ve always seen Snapchat as like, necessary but useless. People looked at me funny when I said I didn’t have Snapchat so I got it, but I hardly ever use it. I still love Facebook though


  3. Yes, my Instagram that I never use, if only I could remember the dang password… Sometimes my WP too. But, I’ll probably end up creating a new one. I had a twitter once but also forgot the login info. I also had a myspace and a facebook waaaaay back in the day once but deleted both. Social media isn’t really my thing.


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