I Attempted To Go Cold Turkey on Procrastination and Failed Miserably

So 30 days ago I decided to stop procrastinating. HAHA. I mean 30 days ago I attempted to stop. The last 30 days where more a realization of how much I procrastinated and a big slap in the face because I am wasting so much time. I always get everything on my list done, but in between each task I somehow choose a new major and read through every new blog article and watch 50 videos. I read up a little (in between studying for my midterm exams of course) and it turns out that procrastination is actually an addiction. So when I say I tried to go cold turkey, I really was. I know some people can go cold turkey, but that doesn’t seem to be up my ally as I struggled a lot this month with staying on track. I have  a few ideas that I’m going to try out and see if it helps me.

First, I’m going to have a plan for what I’m going to do the day before. Instead of waking up and making my list for the day, I’m going to have my list done the night before so that I have less time to get distracted and get straight to work.

Second, I’m going to give my self small “rewards” or motivations. If I get 3 assignments done, I can take a 5 minute break with my dog or I can do my eyeshadow. If I stay on track this month with my project, I can go to Sephora and get the powder I’ve been really wanting to try.

Third, I’m going to make sure that I don’t get unmotivated because I know I’m going to mess up a long the way. Just because I spend an hour watching videos does not mean that the whole day has been wasted. I am going to quit procrastinating, and while it might take a while to get there, I’m not backing down.

I realized I needed to make an action plan and actually begin to take steps to stop procrastinating, especially before college. Part of my New Year’s resolution is to stop wasting my time, and after realizing just how much time I waste I think this is one resolution I will take strides to keep.


6 thoughts on “I Attempted To Go Cold Turkey on Procrastination and Failed Miserably

  1. I love your enthusiasm and I think it’s a great New Years resolution. But don’t get so down, everyone procrastinates me for example, I played video games a binged watched parks and rec for the entire day, but I should have been wrapping my girlfriends Christmas present and writing her mom and sister Christmas cards.
    The point is you’re not alone and just don’t overdo, there is such a thing as too much work. An example Leslie Knope she was running for city council and running the parks department, this may be the most unprocrastinating person ever but she was “half assing” both her campaign and her parks department. You need to slow down and put your heart into one thing at a time whole assing it as Ron Swanson put it.

    So just remember mags you’re not alone. I have faith in you.


  2. Hey, Mags! This post was so cute and funny, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more posts about how this resolution goes for you. When I was in college, my friends and I impressed people during finals week by talking about how we would spend EIGHT HOURS in the library…we didn’t mention that for four of those hours we were sipping lattes, ordering pizza and showing each other funny videos 🙂 Somehow though, we all graduated, and the time I spent deliriously procrastinating late at night with my friends holds some of my favorite memories. So don’t be too hard on yourself with this challenge! Like you said, you’re still getting everything done, and plus, time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!


    • HAHA, the struggle is so real man! I won’t take this to seriously, TBH I don’t think I could ever do that, but I hope to scale back a little bit if you know what I mean. 1-2 videos is no harm, a new Netflix series is a whole new problem. 🙂


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