A Day of Gratitude

Today I took a moment to reflect on everything I am grateful for and within seconds I started thinking about the food I’m going to have for dinner and all the places I want to shop tomorrow in order to take advantage of the sales. Thanksgiving seems to have become a holiday that prepares us for Christmas rather than a day of gratitude for me. I don’t think often about everything I have, rather I think about what I don’t have. Realizing that we have so much to be grateful for is important, and we should spend much more than a day thinking about this. Gratitude should be celebrated 365 days out of a year, not just 1 day. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we should reflect on what we are blessed to be surrounded by and think less about the sales that begin tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


2 thoughts on “A Day of Gratitude

  1. Don’t forget to always be grateful. We can’t always find the good in everything but no matter what happens there will always be good in your life. I wish you the happiest of holidays.


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