30 Day Challenge: No Procrastination.

I recently watched a Ted talk that challenged everyone to try something new for 30 days. This allows us to try things we have always wanted to do but never actually do and is the perfect time to make good habits or break bad ones. I decided to take advantage of my adrenaline rush and start with something big. Procrastination. Almost everyone has procrastinated, I have and I’m guessing you have too. We procrastinate doing homework or chores, we push off big assignments until the week before they are due. This results in stress and unhappiness, so why continue? So tomorrow (I’m writing this at night) I’m going to do my work in advance and not spend hours on the internet looking at Pinterest or Buzzfeed Videos. I never look back and think “YESSSSS I SPENT AN HOUR ON PINTEREST” but I do look back happily when I conquer an assignment and do well. Wish me luck!

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